Don't worry, we are just 2 doors to the right from our previous home. Our goal is to do more in 2024! With the purchase of our most popular sweatshirt "If it cost you your peace, it's too expensive." 5% of sales proceeds will be donated to Young Life Los Angeles. The rest of the proceeds go to our commitment to hiring local and carrying more local brands.  

We have a goal to sell 1,500 of our unisex sweatshirts by the end of February.

The campaign ends on February 29, 2024 at 11:59pm PST


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MATTE ARGYLE space bridges the worlds of entertainment and fashion to create an event space where talent, style and diversity are celebrated daily.

MATTE ARGYLE retail is a revolving residence of entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, designers, makers and brands that change throughout the year.

Shop MATTE ARGYLE at Runway Playa Vista in Los Angeles, CA.

**Come visit our store for a full selection of products. We carry many more items in-store than on our site**

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