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        Positive Wear

        Positive Wear



        Positive Wear was created by Kenyatta Sands from Los Angeles during his tenure at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA.  His vision was to promote positivity through clothing and uplifting slogans.  "Never Question Who I Am" was the brand's first slogan and one of its most powerful.  Positive Wear also branded " Focus On The Positive" and "I Dig The Skin I'm "N"."   

        Positive Wear was embraced and worn by very high level celebrities such as Tupac, MC Breed, Will Smith, and Jada Pinkett.  Positive Wear was sold in America, Europe, and Japan.  We are relaunching the brand because our current climate needs us more than ever.  Not only does the world need Positivity it also need creativity in fashion.  We are aspiring to bring you the best of both worlds.  We promise to create the best quality and design in young men's street wear.  Join us and sport your Positivity. 

        Positive Wear - Freshman Sweatpant Positive Wear - Freshman Sweatpant
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