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        Lavie by CK - Swimwear, plus Women's and Men's Clothing

        Lavie by CK - Swimwear, plus Women's and Men's Clothing



        LavieByCk founder, Claude Kameni, was raised in Cameroon where her passion for fashion was cultivated. As a child she was extremely creative with a sharp eye for form and color. After relocating to the United States at the age of 8, she was blessed to take a fashion class in high school that sparked her design journey. 

        For Claude, creating and designing clothing is an intimate process. She is mindful of the theme, style, and environment where her items will be worn. When she is ready to cut cloth, she treats it as important as her own skin. Claude Kameni named her brand Lavie, meaning “life” in French, because she realized that fashion was truly her life.

        Through years as a self-taught designer, Claude has been able to create garments for both women and men, respectively. She merges her roots with today’s modern styles to produce brand new creations that the world isn’t ready for. Claude has studied patterns extensively to where she can manipulate it to create extremely eye catching garments.

        Her unique sense of urgency creates a compassionate relationship between her and her clients. This has led Claude to be able to design attire for A-List celebrities across the globe. At 26, Claude has become a master of African Print.



        Lavie by Claude Kameni - Lavish Sun Hat
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